Friday 7 June 2013

Friday Favourites

It's June! 
Too soon
This year needs to S-L-O-W down!

It's been such a lovely week
It'll never tire of hearing the birds sing outside my window
Although every now and then there's one that doesn't sound quite right
It sounds a bit special, shall we say
No sweet sounds from this one
It's more of an irritating bark that kind of sounds like its saying 'shit, shit, SHIT'
Maybe it can see a cat

On the subject of cats
Sisco seems to have calmed down after her killing spree
(3 mice in about a month and half)
Not nice! Poor little things

We popped to Hampstead Heath the other day sand saw these
A mum and her bambinos!
So cute
The dad was there, he's just in the photo

Ok, onto this weeks faves

I love this artists collection of movie scenes recreated in Lego
Here a few of my favourites
Can you tell what they are?
I love so many of the rings in this Etsy shop
Too cute!
I love it when that happens
These Irregular Choice sandals are perfect!
This may be the best tumblr, ever!
These sound so good!
Perfect for Summer
Have a great weekend

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