Friday 21 March 2014

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!
I've got so much to do this weekend and I just want to relax
We're moving in a few months
We're still staying in the same area, but we've lived here 7 years so there's a lot to sort
I've got boxes of crafty bits and pieces I've collected over the years
Plus some from my mums home in Wales
And I need to sort through it 
Problem is, I want to keep it all
I can predict I'll be saying to Paul "Yes I need those buttons/ribbons/fabric! I may use them one day"
I'll admit it
I'm a haberdashery hoarder
Oh dear

Hmm, maybe I can put it off another week!

Here are my finds of the week

I'm in love with this bag!
When I was younger I had a cheapo plastic one and I was obsessed with checking it all the time to see if it changed
I'm in love with these lights!
These mini donuts are SOAPS!
I've just discovered this shop and I'll definitely be buying gifts from here
They look too cute to use!
I just realised 2 donut items in this FF
Maybe I'm craving one and don't realise it! 
I need this bag!
Are these photos beautiful?
Guess what?
It's a model town!
Michael Paul Smith creates custom miniature models and sets
And they look so real!
Read more about it here 
Have a great weekend! 

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