Monday 24 March 2014

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ My Latest Loves ♥

This weekend flew by too fast!
I've been busy sewing up orders and making lists
Even if it takes me ages to get through, it makes me feel better!
What are your tips for staying on top of things?
I'd love to know
I find it really interesting how each person has their own little way of doing things

Ok onto this weeks Etsy loves!

1. Suzy Wan DELUXE
This is amazing!
I always wanted to be Jem
Now you can have your own earrings
Such a great gift idea!
2. Valek Rolling Pins
How cute is this?
These rolling pins emboss your pastry with different designs 
3. Cat And The City
This shop is adorable!
I need this brooch in my life!
4. Crafteroni N Cheese
So much cuteness in this shop
It's hard to pick a favourite
But I think it has to be this little guy!
5. DeerFace
It's my little Sisco
6. Wait O Minute
I used to be so in love with Mulder
Click on the photos to visit the shops


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