Friday 4 July 2014

Friday Favourites

It's face melting hot in London
Little tip for you during hot weather
Don't wear a vest and a cross the body bag
Your chest will be covered in white stripes
It's not a good look, I've discovered this recently

It's so much hotter in this new flat (basements are very cool)
But I am so happy
Waking up every morning with the sun shining through the huge windows is so nice!
Really sets you up for the day

Onto my faves of the week!

I totally love this!!
This cloud lamp can recreate a thunderstorm in your home!
How amazing!
 Read more about it here
This junk food tote is really cute!
This list of smiling animals is guaranteed to make you smile!
Have you heard about Stacey Nightmare?
I recently came across her vines and fell in love
She's totally gross, weird and amazing!
(She's a bit rude if you're not into that kind of thing!)

(Actually I just rewatched a few, don't watch if you're a bit sensitive! haha) 
Yes please!
LOVE this!
Don't be pickin on ma fwend!
Have a lovely weekend!

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