Monday 26 September 2011

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Happy Monday!!
Hope your week is off to a good start
My tomato plants are still alive by the way!
I know I've haven't mentioned them in a while, bet you thought I'd killed them!
No, I have lots of green tomatoes
I'm just hoping we still have a little bit of nice weather and they ripen
I'm totally glad I grew them, and I've learnt so much
I'll definitely do it again last year
Little tip, make sure where you put them has enough space for the roots to grow
Otherwise you'll end up with 8ft skinny plants, and they don't look good! haha

I've been drinking lots of herbal teas lately to keep warm
I don't usually like fruity teas, but I've got and Apple and Cinnamon one and it makes the flat smell amazing!
What's you favorite teas? I love getting recommendations

Ok, onto this weeks finds!

1. MyZoeTrope
These kitties are adorable!

2. The Bold Banana
I think this may be the best tee ever!

3. Inedible Jewelery
These look good enough to eat!

4. Project Random
Such a lovely message

5. The Home Centric
Love this!
It reminds me of jumper I had in the 80's!

6. Leah Gibberson

7. Clear Cut Crafts 2007
I love butterflies!
And this is such a beautiful idea

8. JLB Studio
Love this!

9. Karolin Felix Dream
These are supposed to be pencil shavings!
Love them!

Hope you found something to brighten your day!


  1. Great selections! Thanks for including our snow cone earrings. :) ~Jessica & Susan (Inedible Jewelry)

  2. Thanks so much for including one of my prints, Claire!

  3. Love your picks! Thanks so much for including my kitty card!

  4. i want that team magic tshirt.


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