Monday 5 September 2011

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Today has been a bit of a sad day
I had to accept fate and get rid of my not so healthy tomato plants
I know this might sound silly to some people
But I hate throwing out plants, it makes me feel so guilty
As if I'm just giving up on them!
I told Paul which ones and he did it for me
I woke up this morning and a few had been knocked down, even though they are supported by sticks
It's strange, as last night I had a dream someone had knocked them all down and killed them
I swear, my tomato plants always pop up somewhere in my dreams
It's crazy
Sorry if this is a bit of a weird rant!
I'd love to know if you feel the same way about plants (Just to mainly show Paul I'm not crazy-haha!)
Oh well, onto my finds for this week

1. Hobilerimizz
How cute are these?
They're little sugar cookies!

2. Tiny Tangerines
I love this headband
Plus, how gorgeous is her hair?

3. Gamma Folk
Love everything about this necklace!

4. Lily Moon

5. Zig Zag Way
These boxes are just perfect!

6. Shiner International
I'm a bit lost for words with this one!
How amazing would it to be to lay out in the sun on this bed?

7. Monday Pie
Very cute!

8. Near Sighted Owl

9. Greasy Chicken Face
Love the style of this artist

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  1. I've nearly killed my Money Plant and am feeling incredibly guilty about him. My plants get names (money plant is called Clive) I asked someone to look after Gerry (the Gerbera) and Boris (spider plant) while I went on holiday and they killed both. I was gutted. I don't have many plants but I had them for a long time (Gerry was nearly 4 which is pretty impressive as I don't think they usually live that long!) Boris was getting a little annoying as he just kept sprouting more and more babies - I'd already given every child in my class a shoot and we'd all watered and then planted them when they'd grown roots! Now I only have Clive and I think he's in withdrawal mode...

    Cute finds - love the bed idea!

  2. Hi Claire,

    I love those cookies and the bed but I would be afraid it would roll away, nice though.

    Thanks for your get well wishes I feel great now.

    Have a lovely day,

  3. @Creating Trouble - Thank you! You made me feel better!
    @Wickedfaerie - So glad you feel well!

  4. I love love love the cookies! It makes me want to go to the kitchen and bake!




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