Sunday 23 October 2011

Halloween Decor Ideas

As I've mentioned before, I love Halloween
I had a lot of fun things planned for my blog, but due to all the Sisco drama I fell behind
Halloween didn't interest me without my lucky little black cat
Well, now she's back so I can carry on!
There are so many amazing tutorials and ideas floating around the net and I want to share my favorites
Oh, I have a little Halloween tutorial of my own for the little furrballs in your life!
I will post it in the next few days, it's a cute one if I do say so myself

Last year I decorated a little, but I'm not doing much in our flat this year
I look forward to the day we have our own little house and can go totally crazy with it!
It's a shame it's not that much of a big deal in the U.K.
I remember going to Florida when I was little and being totally amazed at the effort people went to
And I think I spent an hour walking down the Halloween isle in K-Mart
I still have the plastic pumpkin I bough back then

Ok, onto the tutorials, hope you find some you like

This is so cute

This is so creepy!!
But totally amazing!

These are all little acorns!
What a fun idea


This is super simple, but I think it's a great idea

This is amazing, but I could never do it!
Even the picture freaks me out

Gotta include a black cat

If you've seen or done any great tutorials send me the link
I'd love to see them

Click on the photos for links


  1. Claire I love Halloween too, as you may know. I can't wait. Show me what you do.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Those little pumpkin bats are so cute! And I have to go see how that ghost was made right now, 'cause I haven't seen anything like it before.

    As for Halloween crafts I've done - well, I made some spiders with pine cones and twigs, and then made a mobile with them! (


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