Monday 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
We had a mini celebration Saturday night
It's strange, this year we really weren't that into it
Every other year we've been so excited
We both put it down to those two weeks of stressing about Sisco
But it felt strange to not get a pumpkin, so we got a little one
It's supposed to be a cat!
We made loaded vegan nachos, which were so good!
Had a few drinks and caught up on t.v.
It was nice

Only thing was all the fireworks
Poor little Sisco sat under the couch for most of the night and wouldn't even come out for treats
When she finally came out whenever she heard fireworks she'd make this face

I know she was spooked, but I had to take a photo
She looked so cute!
She settled down after and had a lot of treats
She loves the witches hat I made her last year!

If you're celebrating tonight have a great night!


  1. What a cute hat! Your pumpkin's great too, I need to get more creative with mine next year.

  2. Happy Halloween! (I'm catching up on my blog reading!) I love the kitty pumpkin - and the kitty!


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