Monday 17 October 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Latest Loves ♥

Wow, seems like I haven't done an etsy Monday in ages
Thanks for being so patient and sticking with me for the last few weeks
I've just realised when I was loading the pictures that most of the items are cats
I think the stress of Sisco missing has pushed me over to super crazy cat lady!
Seriously though, when Sisco was missing my cat radar went on overdrive
I turned into a terminator cat sensing machine
Except of trying to kill then I wanted to kiss them
I've said it before but...

Here are my latest loves!
Hope you find something you like
1. Sweet Heart Sinner
I love this little card tin so much!

2. Shebbo Design
I've featured this artists lovely painted rings before
But I'm in love with this tote!
So cute!

3. Sewing Seed
Purrfect for Halloween (Now Sisco's back I'm in full cat mode, so expect lots of cat references)

4. Sophie Parker
What a cute Christmas card

5. Stephanie Dowell
Little babe!

6. Pearl Delta
These little beads would be so cute on a cardigan

7. Magic Love Crow
Love this little crow!

8. The Bead Girl

That's it for this week
Love Claire

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  1. Lovely items, especially the cat ones! Thanks for feauting my card!

  2. awww...great finds! thanks for featuring my ring!


  3. Such a wonderful Monday finds! Great way to start a new week with your lovely post!
    I am so thrilled you love my new kitty tote bag!
    Thank you:)
    Have a wonderful purrrrfect week!

  4. Hi Claire ;o) Thanks so much for featuring my baby crow aceo ;o) What a nice surprise! Big Hugs! Have a great week ;o)


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