Saturday 24 March 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday everyone!
Can I just say...
Every time I do this post, it reminds how amazing our furry little friends really are

Hope you're weekend is going well
I've just been lazy, which has been nice
And this evening I'm looking forward to a whole night of 'The Big Bang Theory'
We're addicted!
But we're slowing catching up to the current series, which is a bit upsetting!
We always do this
Get hooked on a series and then get really sad when it's over
If you know of any similar shows, leave me a comment
I'd love to know
Ok, onto the cutest little furrballs in the world!

How clever is this bowl?

How amazing are these?
I need them in adult size!

I love this Cat-ula


I'm SO in love with the cats that Angela Lizon paints
Just look at those little faces!
Check out more here

I never liked the whole 'finger mustache' thing
But I have to admit, this is pretty cute!

You can always rely on 'I'm your present' for a bit of kitty cuteness

Give those little babes in your life a tummy rub from me


  1. Very cute Claire. We have been out all weekend looking for our sons cat who has been missing for a week. Hope we have the good fortune to have him back like you did with sweet Sisco.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  2. Oh Sue, I am so sorry!
    Sending you positive thoughts x


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