Monday 12 March 2012

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Happy Monday!
It really feels like Spring is here today
I can't wait for long sunny days
This year I'm making more of an effort to be by the seaside
I grew up near water and whenever I'm near it I feel so happy!
So lots of trips back to Wales and to Brighton
I've only been to Brighton a few times but I love it!
If you can recommend me some U.K. cute and kitschy seaside towns I'd love to hear them
Just leave a comment

Ok, onto this weeks finds!

1. Rockcakes
I'm pretty such this is the cutest ring I've ever seem
Hedgehogs are so cute!!

2. Karen Griska Quilits
The quilts in this shop are so perfect they almost don't look real!
And I mean that as a compliment!

3. N3DO
Know what film this is off?
I loved that film SO much!
I thought Lydia was so cool!
I met Beetlejuice (an actor obv) in Universal Studios when I was about 10 and I was so shy
But I HAD to get a picture taken with him
He asked me if I had any money and pretended to pick his nose and wipe it on me!
And that was a highlight of the holiday!

4. Proteales
So sweet!

5. Candy Rainbow
I totally love Little Twin Stars
And this is so creepy/cute

6. Jpoo213
This is amazing!
This is an original 1986 promo tee!
Ahh, I was so in love with Daniel! haha

7. Rockin Dogs
Have you been doing some part time modelling?
Seriously though, she'd look such a babe in this!

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  1. I love that hedgehog ring, I going to check it our. Sisco would look adorable in leapord.

    Have a nice day,

  2. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for featuring my quilt! Your blog is great! Hugs from across the pond,

  3. all of these are fab! :) the ring is super cute! x

  4. Hi Claire,
    Thanks for featuring my shirt in your blog! Just for that,and since you're in London, Im going to open up my store to international! Yaye!!

    Thanks again Claire!

  5. Hello Claire,
    Thank you for featuring my cat Izzy in my leopard cat coat! Maybe your cat needs one too for those rainy days! (0;



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