Saturday 31 March 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
Hope you're having a good weekend!
I had a lovely lie in and I've been watching old episodes of Skins and sewing
As usual, the weather is bad again this weekend
But I'm not bothered as Sisco has been in all day to keep me company :)
She's started waiting down the road for me when I'm out and following me home
It's so so cute!
I had some builders shouting "Look! She's taking that cat for a walk"
I felt so proud!
Does your cat follow you around outside?

Onto this weeks finds!
This music box is sweet!

This top is pretty and super cheap!

I would LOVE one of these pet cameras to see what Sisco was up to!
But it doesn't look too comfy for the kitty

This kitty condo is a really good idea for people living in small spaces

The grumpy kitty on this tee reminds me of Sisco

Give your kitty friends a big cuddle from me!

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  1. Go figure...I found your blog because you 'liked' a photo of mine on instagram and now you've got yourself another follower! A cat loving follower too so bring on the kitties! :p

    I'm in love with that peplum top! I considered buying it but I don't think the shop delivers to the US! Oh well. And the music box is adorable!


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