Thursday 7 June 2012

Amazing phone booths - Call Parade

I love it when everyday items are transformed into something extraordinary
How amazing are these phone booths
 100 different artists in San Paulo, Brazil have taken part to create custom phone booths
Here are a few of my favourites
Check out more here


  1. Love these Claire. They should put them everywhere and people would put down their cell phones and use a phone booth. I would!

  2. Wow...that is nuts. I've never seen anything like it before. The one with the girls face...creepy. I can't imagine making a call with those eyes staring at me!

  3. ooohh woooow i loooove these...millions of miles away from the last phonebox i dared go into in the UK brighton you can't use phoneboxes unless you've lost your sense of smell...or your mind! they should definatley get these in writing to the council ^_^

  4. Hi, Claire, did you see that the British Telecon made their version of the "Call Parade"? But I still prefer the Brazilian one, specially because I painted one of the phoneboxes :)
    I hope you like it!
    Best, artist Quim Alcantara

    1. Hi!
      I hadn't heard of it! I'll check it out
      Thanks for stopping by my blog


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