Friday 15 June 2012

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!
This week has gone so fast!
I'm glad the weather has finally got better, I hope it stays like this
As my mum is coming to stay for a few days
When she's here Sisco really knows how to work her to get treats!
Cheeky little thing!
I've got a lot of sewing to do this weekend as I'm going to be stocked in Things British again!

Onto my Friday finds

Isn't this necklace pretty?
It reminds me of mermaids!
How amazing are these wood sculptures by Sergei Bobkov
This is too cute!
This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen
It's a dandelion!
These earrings are beautiful!
I love this evolution of mobile phones in the style of Russian nesting dolls
I love this nail art blog 
I posted in the comments I'd love to see a Minnie Mouse inspired nail
And she did!
Isn't it cute?


  1. That dandelion necklace is amazing! Where is it from? And the wood sculptures are out of this world!

    1. I forgot to add the link! duh! haha
      It's here

  2. Wow! Those wood sculptures are amazing! And that dandelion ball is just beautiful!


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