Saturday 2 June 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!

I didn't do the Friday Favorites post yesterday as I was poorly
And I think Sisco must have known
Because today she tried to bring in a bird!  :(
I get so upset when that happens, I know it's nature but it's so sad
Sisco left it alone and Paul picked it up and put it in the bush
It seemed ok, we didn't know what else to do
Poor little thing
I suppose we're lucky as it's very rare she catches anything
My cat Sadie I had when I was younger was terrible for bringing things in
She even brought a mole in once
When we found it, it had dug under the carpet
We eventually got it out, put it in a shoebox and let it go outside!
Crazy cats
So I suppose we're lucky with Sisco
I've seen her sitting outside and pigeons and squirrels have walked past her and she's done nothing!
I think it's more to do with the fact she's lazy!
Ok, on a slightly cheerier note, here's this weeks finds

This is so cute!
And how pretty is this cat?
I really want this Hello Kitty ice cube tray!
I love this!
Check out the rest of the shop, it's amazing!
This cat tattoo is really cute!
I love this candle holder
So true!
 This cat tin is so cute!
Give your cats a kiss from me


  1. hello! you used to have a cat called sadie? hurray! i love the 'why don't you take a seat' and that cute little i rescued my human tag!
    hope you are feeling better.x

    1. Yes! She was the only cat I've had from a kitten. She passed away when she was 17 & the most loveable cat I have ever known x

  2. Aww that ukulele is perfect! After just spending my weekend with a couple of cute little kittens I'm on cat withdrawel now :(

    1. Urghh! I feel for you!
      When I 1st moved to London and didn't have cats I'd stroke every cat I passed! Followed them along saying 'please let me stroke you' haha


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