Thursday 28 October 2010

I know...ANOTHER Cat Post!

But she's SUCH a little babe!
Popped out to get a little last minute present for my friends birthday and saw something that I HAD to have!
We put it on her and she just lay back down
She looked so cute!

Cat Worlds Next Top Model maybe??

It says "Don't mess with the Princess"

She'd just come in soaking wet, so snuggle time!
She looks really unimpressed, but she was purring!

Or as Sisco likes to call it
'Do thumper feet and kick the crap out of things'

Ahh sweet and innocent?

I don't think so
Check out those claws of doom!

P.s. I am fully aware I am heading towards crazy cat lady and I 100% embrace it!

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  1. My name is also claire and I also have a black cat....

    2 infact.

    1 is all black
    1 is black and white
    and the last is black with a white pair of pants :)


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