Monday 18 October 2010

More Halloween Goodies + Exciting News!!!

I am loving making Halloween decorations this year,
I've got SO many ideas!
But first up was a friend for Mrs Owl!
Sisco hasn't tested the comfiness of this little guy yet,
But I'm sure she'll love it!

I got some new black felt and I really wanted to make some bats
But was unsure what to do with them....

So I made a spooky Bat Cloud!

The bats have a bit of a Sisco look about them, don't you think?

She's such a pretty little lady

Ok, bit of announcement now....
To two little baby boy Whippets!
My sister just got them and I'm really looking forward to meeting them and having a cuddle!
I know they are going to be so so spoilt!
So welcome Snoopy and Charlie!

I LOVE that first photo, they look so sweet!
At first she was just getting one, but when she realised there was only two left she couldn't seperate them!

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