Monday 11 October 2010

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Wonderful Woodland Cuties! ♥

This Mondays Etsy post is dedicated to and inspired by our little woodland friends.
I am so lucky to live by 2 beautiful woods, especially now it's Autumn.
The woods are FULL of little busy guys preparing for winter.
And the last few days we have had 2 adorable little squirrels hanging outside by our window.
At first I was worried about Sisco catching one, but I've seen a squirrel walk right past her and she didn't even move!
She acts all tough, but she's really a softy.
Plus she's really lazy

Ok, so let's get started!!!

1. Graphic Spaces
How could you NOT smile, seeing this on your wall everyday?

2. Amethyst Ravenstar
I love this owl!
This is so detailed and pretty

3. Marty Magic
I seriously don't have enough fingers for the amount of rings I want!
This ring is so beautiful and definately on my (very long) wishlist!

4. Sugar City
Love these little sweeties!

5. Skunkboy Creations
You NEED to check out Katie's shop
She makes the prettiest things!

6. Magical Pony Farm
I love this!
This is how I imagine all Squirrels are
Just jumping from tree to tree going "Wheeeeeee"

Just check out this little heartbreaker!
Love those ears!

8. Contrary
I love Hedgehogs
When I was little we'd always have them in our garden
Our cats loved them and didn't even try to eat them!

Ok, so that's this weeks post!
What's your favorite woodland cutie?

Also, How sweet is this?
'Gimme a kiss'

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  1. Loved this, especially the owl ring...what a stunner! Thanks so much for thinking of me here and introducing me to you awesome blog!

    Keep in touch,


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