Thursday 11 August 2011

A few words

Sorry for the lack of posts this week
Due to what has been happening in this country, I've felt pretty speechless
And apart from some scheduled posts I didn't feel like blogging
The rioting, damage and destruction that has happened is heartbreaking
Everyday the news seemed to featured more and more shocking images
And of children as young as 10

Luckily things seem to be cooling down now, but when things like this happen it can make you feel powerless and lose your faith in people
I want to share this picture that warmed my heart and made me smile this week out of all this despair

I feel this photo shows that if we stick together, be positive and look forward we can change things
Sorry if this post is a little heavy, but I had to address it


  1. It's been such a horrible week. I'm in Bristol but thankfully far away from the trouble we've had here. Watching the news has been surreal, it's what we're used to seeing in other countries, not our own. I really hope it's over now and we can move on.

    The only good to come of it is how communities have got together to help out those affected, showing that it's only the minority of people out there to cause trouble and the rest of us are pretty nice really!

  2. Don't feel bad about not blogging. I can't imagine being over there with all that madness going on... take care of yourself. Your blog isn't going anywhere. :) Sea Marie

  3. Claire, I think the world has gone mad this summer. My family is from Norway and England and this summer both countries have been turned upside down by tragedy and turmoil. I never understand rioting. Human beings turn into animals on a blood frenzy. Normal people get caught up in a crowd of hate and anger. You would think after all this time things like this would no longer happen, that we have evolved. I hope it is quieting down now and that life will return to normal soon.

    Thinking of you,


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