Saturday 20 August 2011

Tomato Update!! I didn't kill my plants!

Just a quick update on my tomato plants
They have tomatoes!
Ok, they're only tiny
But this is so exciting!
I keep going out to look at them! haha
I've never hand much luck keeping plants alive, but growing tomatoes is something I've always wanted to do
Aren't they so cute?

Today we're celebrating Paul's birthday early
It's better to do it on the weekend and make a day of it
We've just had a relaxing day and tonight I'm cooking a Mexican feast! yum!
Oh, just a little peek of something I made him last minute
It's a retro Nintendo iPhone case
I was still making last night and everything seemed to go wrong (ignore the bad stitching), but I think it's pretty cute!

I'll be back later with Cat Saturday!

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  1. I LOVE the Nintendo case! And I, too checked my tomatoes every day..........unfortunately we got some fungus here so they didn't produce much. Love itty bitty baby plants!


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