Monday 29 August 2011

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Happy Monday!
It's a bank holiday here, so I've spent pretty much the whole day sewing
I've been working on my 1st custom order (Exciting!) and also some Halloween decorations for my shop.
I still can't believe it's September so soon!
When I sew I love to use that time to watch documentaries
Today I watched Dolphin Boy
It's about a boy who suffers a severe trauma and disconnects himself from the world
Finally, after so many failed attempts his father sends him to live on an island and begin dolphin therapy
It's a beautiful film and it's amazing to see the dolphins interact with him, they truly are amazing creatures
It's definitely worth a watch

Onto this weeks finds

These gift boxes are so lovely!

2. Monocled Lop
The lovely Beth sent me the link to this pretty print

3. Scratch Craft
This is possibly the sweetest thing I've seen lately
How concentrated does this little guy look?

4. So Little Time Co

5. Vintage Pixie 5
I love this!
And it's from the 1960's!

6. Snug Studio
This breadboard is just perfect!

7. Tough Little Urchins
This hand painted kokeshi doll is amazing!

8. Lunahoo
This is so simple, but so pretty

Click on the pictures to visit the shops


  1. Beautiful finds! Thank you so much for including my cat necklace :)
    Nuria (from Lunahoo).

  2. Heya Claire,
    thanks for the feature on your lovely blog! :)

  3. I want all of these! Especially that cloud chopping board!!


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