Monday 15 August 2011

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Happy Monday!
Hope you're week's of to a good start!
This morning I sent off 6 of my plush to new homes!
It's lovely to think my plush are doing a spot of travelling around the world!

I'm quite excited about this week because Saturday we're celebrating Paul's birthday!
We're doing it on the weekend, so we can make a day of it (fingers crossed for a little bit of summer weather)
And guess what? This year he has 3 presents off me and he's only had one so far!
Ok, one hasn't actually arrived yet but still..
Amazing self control for me!
I'm cooking a Mexican feast for him!
I love cooking for him but he doesn't like a lot of what I cook as I always have to have tomatoes in food (slight addiction) and he's not so much of a tomato man!
So I'm feeling a bit like a hyped up 10 year old this week
I can't help it! I love birthdays.
p.s. I still have some of my birthday balloons up!
But I know his game, he'll take them down when I'm not looking
But I think last year I got about 3 weeks out them! haha!

Ok, onto this weeks finds!

1. Shop Gemini Rising
I saw this ring and instantly thought 'that's the type of ring a prince would battle a dragon for to give to a princess'
Don't you think? It looks magical!

2. Boots N Gus
This is so pretty!

3. The Poppy Tree
I know I've featured her work quite a few times, but it's so beautiful

4. Holly Vision Art
I really love this print
When I was younger I used to collect so many shells and pretty stones off the beach
Gross fact: When I was about 8 I found an empty snail shell and tried to make an earring out of it (Which meant putting a hole in the shell, putting some cotton through it and looping it over my ear!) haha
It wasn't even a nice looking shell, I think I still have that somewhere at my mums house

5. Janish Jewels
Love this colour!

6. Andie Speciality Sweets
I've been swooning over these buttons for a while and actually read the description today
They're sweets!
So pretty!

7. Kirbee Art
Love this little guy!

8. Sumiko Shop
These are so dainty and pretty!

And that's it for the week!
Hope you found something you like!


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