Monday 30 April 2012

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Can you believe April is nearly over?
It's freaking me out how fast this year is going
It seems we only just went home for Christmas!
It needs to slow down!

Anyway, here are this Mondays finds

1. Kath Arvey
I wouldn't personally wear these tights
But aren't they amazing?
The print is made from the collage below

2.Moons Creations
How adorable are these?

3. Black Cat Studio Art 
This pup is adorable!

4. Jenni Jewel
Love this necklace

5. Doble Ele
You can never have enough stationery in my opinion
And this tape is so cute!

6. Nest Pretty Things Kids

  These barrettes are so pretty!

7. Sentimental Gal

I can't decide if this is cute or creepy!


  1. Hmmm...I can't decide if the bunny items are cute either! I think...I'm leaning towards cute.
    I LOVE those tights...I would wear them...just not to work. I think they would be even more alarmed than normal when I walk in the door haha :p

  2. Cute or creepy rabbits? The mug is definitely creepy!!
    I agree you can never have too much stationary, and that tape is crazily cute!
    And that necklace looks like chocolate covered turkish delight that you've bitten open...too much? Lol. So pretty!

  3. I NEED that rabbit set! I so hope she will post it to the UK!!

    xx PC


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