Saturday 28 April 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
I've spent this rainy day inside
It's been so dull all day
I've really enjoyed doing this weeks Caturday
Every week I find so many amazing things, but I'm in love with this weeks
Hope you find something you like

This bracelet is sweet

I don't know where this is originally from
But isn't this tattoo amazing?

This scarf is so pretty!

The print on this shirt is beautiful! 


This necklace is really pretty and dainty

I love this tote!

I saw this bag on Pinterest, but have no idea where it's from!
Does anyone know?
I'd love it

Give your furr balls a big smooch from me!


  1. I love your amazing cat finds, thanks for featuring my tote! :)

  2. such great kitty-cat finds! i love the tattoo and the 'i'm sorry i was thinking about cats again'x
    (hi sisco!)

  3. That tattoo is amazing and I love the last one, wowee! x

  4. That cat bag is amazing! I wonder where it's from. Hmm...I'll have to try and find it too! I love the gold cat necklace it is so dainty and pretty. Another round of fabulous cat finds. Sisco must be so proud of you taste in cat goods. :)


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