Thursday 19 April 2012

Opticians drive me crazy!

I've been missing a bit from my blog lately
I'm still trying to get used to these new glasses
I went back to the optician yesterday to get them checked
And apparently the left lens is a little off compared to the prescription!
So frustrating!
It may not be making a difference, but I have to go back Saturday for another appointment
Wish me luck!
I'm usually a very positive person, but when my eyesight is affected it's so scary! :(

On a cheerier note, how cute are these kitty trainers?


  1. Aw that is annoying, hope you get the right prescription sorted soon. I used to wear glasses (because I had an eyetest and was told I needed them) so I wore them for 2 years (on and off) and could never really get used to them, then had another eyetest last year and they said I didn't need them anymore! What the hell?! Yeah opticians are confusing! and its horrible getting used to new glasses, when they make you feel all dizzy and drunk. Hope its better for you soon!
    p.s. cuuute trainers! :) x

    1. Thanks Beth
      That good you don't need them anymore, but crazy as you may never have needed them!


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