Friday 6 April 2012

♥ Friday Favorites ♥

Happy Friday!
This week's come to an end so fast!
We were planning on having a picnic to celebrate our anniversary, but the weather's not so nice here
So we're staying in, having some nice food and wine and cuddling up on the couch!
Of course, Sisco's getting some treats too

Time for a gross story...
I was giving Sisco cuddles and kisses earlier
After I went into the bathroom and saw there was a big fat flea on my face!
Flea medicine time for Sisco
So now she's in a mood with us!
It really made me feel sick
Cheeky little bugger, just sitting on my cheek!

Ok, onto this weeks loves

I love this photo Morgan took of her cats
I sometimes wish Sisco had a partner in crime

The cakes on this site are amazing!
I just noticed the ones I like are all kids cakes!

I featured this bracelet on my Etsy Monday a while back
And Paul surprised me with it!
I love it!

Is this for real?
I'm in love with this panda cat!

I think this is really cute!
The cat's don't seem too impressed though

I'm in love with this craft room featured on Heart Handmade
Pastel heaven!

How cute is this Mr Stay Puft?



  1. Aww thanks for the feature! That craft room is ALL kinds of amazing!!


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