Friday 20 July 2012

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!!
2 weeks today it's my birthday!
I turn 21 again....yep that's right 21 ;)
Paul's mum & dad gave me the money and I chose a ring from Etsy that's been in my favourite FOREVER!
And guess what?
It came in the post today and it's still in it's package!
I know, I have self control!
Even Paul was surprised!

Onto my weeks favourite things
I've mentioned these candles before
But I have to post about them again as they are SO amazing!
I bought one a while back and noticed on twitter that she had a sale on
So I treated myself (early birthday present - yes, I'm starting already!) to 2 more
Another coffee and a cupcake one
And gawwwwwd! They smell amazing!
Seriously, I want to eat them!
If you like coffee you HAVE to get one!
I want them all!
Find out more here
This is too cute for words!
These watermelon bath bombs smell yum!
This is very cute!
I want one of these!
It looks so comfy!
This print is adorable!
I love squirrels!
The woods near our flat is full of them
I just want to pick them up and have a cuddle


  1. Wonderful collection here!! Happy birthday coming up!! xoxo

  2. This whole post is cute but that last squirrel picture? Ridiculous!


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