Tuesday, 31 July 2012

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I wasn't able to do my usual post yesterday as when I planned to do it, etsy was down
So here it is
The last few weeks the weather has been so nice and I was really looking forward to going to Brighton for my birthday and being by the sea
And the last few days all we've had is rain!
So, if you're reading this post please ask for it to be sunny Friday
Chanting, sun dances, wishing, praying
I'll take anything!
Thanks in advance!

Ok, onto this Weeks finds

1. Eldadle
I love these lights, so pretty
2. Meow4Ever
I love this feisty, chubby little one!
Love the shop name too
4. Vintage Carliss
I love little baskets like this
Perfect for storing little crafty bits
(or hiding them so your flat doesn't looks so messy)
5. Fairyhome
I'd love to have a whole kitchen painted like this!
6. New York Couture
Isn't this dress cute?
7. I Love Crafty
I've mentioned my love of mermaids before
So I was SO excited to come across this shop!
How cute are these earrings?
Click on the pictures to visit the items


  1. I really hope it's sunny for your birthday, I have my fingers crossed! Brighton's great whatever the weather but it's the best in the sunshine.


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