Monday 16 July 2012

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Ooh, it's just less 3 weeks until my birthday and I'm starting to get excited!
I'm a big kid when it comes to birthdays
Years ago I was terrible!
I'd start buying Paul's presents months before, then get so excited about them I'd end up giving them to him!
I'm much better now 
I only give him clues, not the presents!
I'm praying when it gets to August we'll have some flip flop weather
Because right now it's welly weather, and it's pretty horrible!
Ok, onto my finds
Hope you like them

1. My Private Zoo
Oui oui!
I am a cutie!
2. Shop Littles
Isn't this such a lovely idea?
3. Jewels By Gillian
Very sweet!
4. Supplies For All
I love the charms in this shop
5. One Eyed Dog
The plantpots in this shop are really pretty
6. Cakeworthy
I LOVE this bag!
7. Ms Spanner
I love this little pug
8. Gretel Creations
This is too cute!
9. Lucky Kaeru Fabric 
I really love this fabric!!
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  1. Great finds as usual! That fabric looks so summery. =)

    Heh I'm the same way about presents. Last year I started making "Christmas packages" for my friends... in October! And I did a 3D advent calendar for my boyfriend. Got little 4x4x4" kraft boxes and put a gift in each one for 25 days... I had to start pretty early for that too, and I swear I was probably more excited about it than he was! Hehe.


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