Thursday 26 July 2012

Long time, no see!

Hi there!
This is my first post in a while as I've been feeling pretty off
I woke up Sunday morning and I couldn't move my neck at all!
The right side of my neck to my shoulder blade was SO painful!
I'm not sure what caused it, but it's only started to get better the last 2 days
I've been dosed up on painkillers and have been walking around like a drugged up zombie granny! 
Fingers crossed I'll be better soon as it's driving me CRAZY!
Positive thoughts welcome! :)

Here are photos from about a week ago when we went for a walk to Hampstead Heath
I feel happiest when I'm around nature
This was adorable!
Behind the fence was a whole little swan family!
Mummy, Daddy and babies
Which made me keep going on at Paul saying 
'Aren't they lovely'
'Look Paul, it's a little family'
'Ahh, look at the babies'
'Aww, look at them all together'
Which I got the response
Don't think he was as excited as me
But I think it's adorable!
Did you know Swans mate for life?
So sweet!
These little birds make the EXACT same little 'meep' sound as Sisco
I swear, you'd think it was her
I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Favourites and hopefully feeling a little less granny-like

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  1. Swans scare me, but they're pretty viscous over here, are they there? Me mostly have black swans though, they honk and chase you!! Hehe. Hope you're feeling better!

    1. I think they're pretty friendly here. When I lived back in Wales we used to go and feed them. But when they got close it'd be a little scary as they're so huge!

  2. Eeek I love baby swans!! Hope your necks all better now? I managed to hurt mine doing star jumps a few weeks ago and I couldn't turn my head or move one arm for about a week!


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