Monday, 6 August 2012

Clairey Birthday Bonanza!

The reason for the name of the post is due to the fact I like to try and make my birthday last at least 3 days! haha!
Luckily, I have a boyfriend that puts up with me!
So, for my 30th we went to lovely Brighton
All the pics are from my phone, as dopey me forgot my camera!
I'd charged it and put it in the case ready aswell!
Oh well!
As soon as we stepped off the train the fresh, sea air hit me!
We've been quite a few times, so just decided to mooch around and enjoy the weather
Luckily the weather was gorgeous, despite all the bad forecasts
Ahh, the power of positive thought! :)
I know it may sound cheesy, but I truly feel alive when I'm near the sea
That's one thing I really miss about living in Wales (And family and friends of course-haha)
It was so hot, but the breeze was lovely!
I saw a lot of Fish & Chip shops had these sharks outside, bit strange!
I love the packaging, so cute!
I'd mentioned before that I wanted to get my main gifts from Etsy and I did!
Support handmade!
The pink quartz is from Paul's parents and the silver cloud is from Paul
As I've always said 'Dreams are necessary' I thought the cloud was quite fitting
The rings are from these shops in case you want to check them out
Pink quartz - Oh Kuol
Cloud ring - MIKOTITI
I love them both so much and the sellers are lovely

We had to visit the amazing Snoopers Paradise flea market
I could spend hours in there
I really wanted this little guy
When I was younger I was totally OBSESSED with trolls
Isn't this beautiful?
I loved this chair so much
We stopped for lunch at veggie restaurant Food for Friends
We got a starter and main special
It doesn't look to pretty, but the food was really good!
This beer is really yummy and refreshing

Amazing clouds on the way back
The day seemed to go so fast!
When I got home this was waiting for me!
A lovely card and cute postcards from the lovely Beth!
I love her artwork and her cat print is one of my faves
Thanks Beth, you're a sweetie!
I had to share this card my friend Nia sent me
Lovely flowers my mum sent
Other gifts I got was candles, lots of smellies and money! (Yay-My credit card was happy)
The rest of the evening we just cuddled up on the couch, got a bit tipsy and watched the telly
I couldn't have asked for a lovelier day!
I think Sisco wanted some champagne!
It's so funny, both Paul's parents and my mum sent a box with my pressies in
And in both was a little package for Sisco with treats in
So spoilt!


  1. Oh my gosh. There are way too many cute and awesome things in this post... where do I even begin? Well, I suppose with the name - birthday bonanza. I love it! So, if this was one day... what do you do for the other two+? =D

    I couldn't believe that first picture is wall graffiti (looks like it?). So cool!

    The carousel is so pretty. They always seem to be. And I really love sharks, so I think that fish & chips decor is pretty sweet.

    MIKOTITI Ring shop: TOO CUTE. Loving that cloud ring - great choice! I always put indie stuff on my wish list too. And I'm adding Dear Little Fawn to my read list! And that food looks SO good.

    Anyway, I'll stop gushing. I swear I couldn't pick just one favorite thing from this post. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY x 3! (One per bonanza day)

    1. Thanks Kelsea!
      We planned to go to our local park and have a picnic, but it's been thundering and raining since Saturday! I am so lucky I got good weather on the Friday
      I just relaxed, caught up on blogs and read! It was so good to have some 'me' time!
      And at night we drank wine and ate yummy food - Lovely!
      MIKOTITI is such a lovely shop and the seller is really nice!
      Deer little one is one of my fave reads, and she's such a lovely lady!
      Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays!!

    2. Oh, and the 1st pic was graffiti! Crazy good!

  2. What a beautiful trip! I hope you had a lovely birthday. I was obsessed with trolls too when I was a kid. I told my little brother that they came to life at night, but they'd only talk to me. So he would write little notes, things he wanted to say to the trolls, and slip them under my door on his way to bed. It's possible that I took advantage of how gullible he was...

    1. Ahh! I think that's really sweet!
      What a lovely memory!

  3. happy birthday! i love the rings you got and sisco is just the cutest and deserves treats.....x

  4. Such a lovely post, I love reading about Brighton on other peoples blogs and I'm really glad you had an awesome birthday weekend.

    Oh, and my corner shop has those sharks outside too, I think it's just a weird Brighton thing!

    1. haha! I counted 3 sharks in a few hours!
      I feel the same when I read about North Wales :)

  5. Aw yay my cards! Glad you liked them!
    Looks like you had a fun day/ bonanza :)
    Yeah there's loads of those sharks around Brighton actually, I don't really notice them anymore so I hadn't really thought about it, but now you mention it it's weird, haha.
    I can recommend some other good flea markets you'd like if you're ever down again :)
    (Me and Bonita used to work on the end of Snoopers street and my other sis worked opposite there)

    Oh and your new rings are sooo pretty! You're a lucky lady! :) xxxx

    1. Thanks Beth!
      How nice that all of you worked near each other! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing the pictures of Brighton. My daughter is moving there in May from the U.S. It's nice to see what it looks like.

  7. How nice! I'm sure she'll love it!
    Brighton is a really lovely place :)


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