Thursday 23 August 2012

My amazing Psycho house model

I totally forgot to post these photos I took at Christmas!
This is the 12th scale model of the house from the film Psycho that I talked about
For as long as I can remember I have loved this house
I watched the film when I was younger and just thought the house was perfect
I used to be a HUGE scary film fan and the Psycho films were my favourite (2 & 3)
Paul's parents used to have an antique shop and make miniature models and sell them
I've seen photos and they are AMAZING!
I remember seeing one that was a little shop
The attention to detail is crazy!
 Even down to the front step showing wear
One day they told me they were planning to start making them again and they thought the Psycho so house was interesting
I was really excited and took round everything I had related to the films
Some time after they told me that they were making it for me
I was totally amazed!
 What an amazingly special thing to do for someone
My mum's storing it for me, but I can't wait to have the space to store it
Doesn't it look so real?
Cute chubby kitty photobomb!
Unfortunately some little naughty kitties chewed the top part so there's a bit of fixing needed
But isn't it amazing?
I hadn't seen it since I moved to London, but when I saw it again at Christmas I was just as amazed as the first time
Thanks Linda and Ted
I love you


  1. Wow, that is just incredible! Same for the lego house in the post you linked. Funny, when I saw the post title "Psycho house" I was a little afraid... but this is just beautiful!


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