Wednesday 1 August 2012

Kaleidoscope grains of sand

I think this is so beautiful
Gary Greenberg photographs grains of sand, which is magnified to 250 times its size
Imagine if beaches looked like this

I love this quote from his site
Every grain of sand in the world is unique and beautiful when viewed through the microscope. If each grain of sand is so beautiful and unique, imagine how beautiful and unique each person is?
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  1. Oh I saw this a while back but it's always fun seeing these again! Amazing what we can find if we look close enough. =)

    I posted a link to your blog on my July recap & favorites post today! Your Monday Etsy Favorites are MY favorites - thanks for always posting such fun, pretty, and dreamy things!

  2. I swear I had this book on a wishlist somewhere. Thanks for the reminder, so beautiful.

  3. That's amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing it!


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