Monday, 13 August 2012

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Happy Monday!
Today was going well, then ended up a bit crappy!
Oh well, when life knocks you down get back up and kick it back!
It's easy to be a grump when things go wrong (especially me) but it's important to try and be positive!
When I feel a little blue I usually grab Sisco and hug the life out of her
Or I'll find myself wandering around the streets in a zombie state looking for a cat or pup to cuddle
"Come heeeeeeere, let me hug you"
What do you do?

1. Morian
This pillow is really sweet!
2. Asf2003
How amazing is this Mario light fixture?
3. Sweet Sallys Soaps
I love anything coffee scented and this sounds amazing!
4. African Grey
Cutie? Oui oui!
5. Rainbow of Crazy
It's like a doggy Harry Potter!
6. Shop Feverfew
I LOVE this shop!!
This is on my wish list!
7. Sweetest Elle
I love these vintage cupcake toppers
I'm actually really looking forward to Autumn!
8. Imagery Woodworking
Such a great idea!
Hope you found something you like
It may be Monday, but I'm off for a well deserved glass of wine!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my yorkie print! I checked out all of these shops! What a fun collection of items :)

  2. Thank you for featuring my Orange kitten pillow! You have a great blog. I love all your Etsy finds--and I have two black cats so I have a soft spot for all black kitties ;)


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