Saturday 23 February 2013

Cat Crazy Saturday - I Love Grumpy Cat

It's no secret that I love Grumpy cat
I just can't get enough of her moody little face
So, I thought why not dedicate my Cat Saturday to her?
Here are some adorable Tard inspired finds
I hope you love them as much as I do

This little Tard cube is adorable!
 So purrfect!
 This card is so good!
The artist has really captured Tards awkward grumpiness 
 From now on, I want all my birthday cards to have Tard on them!
These are so cute!!
 This is amazing!
 This is scary, but I love it too!
 I want to cuddle this pillow so bad!

Kiss your furr babes for me


  1. ooo this is such a fun round up! Thanks so much for including my Tards!

    I think you will like this?...hehe kinda makes me want noodles tho so maybe a bad idea lol


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