Monday 25 February 2013

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ My Latest Loves ♥

Happy Monday!
Today has been too cold!
No amount of layers help
I just want to nap and drink tea
I'm looking forward to getting cosy on the couch and watching The Walking Dead tonight
I'm addicted to that show

I say this a lot, but I love doing these Etsy posts
Etsy is just full of inspiring and creative people
I could (and probably do) spend hours browsing

Onto my finds 

1. Sometimes is Wirl
I love this!
 2. Dizzy Little Dotty
This is really sweet
 3. Vegetabowls
Theses bowls are great!
 4. Estro Jenn Designs
This print is beautiful!
 5. The Naughty Rabbit
How cute are these?
 6.  Letters Earring
This shop is full of beautiful jewellery! 
 7.  Snowdon
As a ketchup addict, I Love this! 

Click on the pictures to visit the items 


  1. hehe, thanks so much for featuring my kitty-in-a-box hoop, you definitely found some other amazing finds!

  2. Great finds! Thanks for including my Ketchup card Claire! x

  3. Cute the watermelon bowls

  4. great finds...I love the watermelon bowls :)


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