Friday 15 February 2013

Friday Favourites

I've just got back from a lovely day out with Paul
We didn't do anything exciting, just have some lunch and roam around Central London
But it was really nice to take the day off and spend it together 
Plus, the weather was gorgeous compared to what we've had lately

Here are my faves of the week

This top is cute!
This is exactly what I need!
I LOVE the rings on this site!
A little warning before you check them out, most of them are crazy expensive
So pretty though
Here are a few of my faves
Definitely making these when it gets warmer
Oh little one, I want to cuddle you!
How did I not know this site existed?!
I know I always post about Tard
But I saw this today and I love it
And we're hoping this doesn't happen 

Have a great weekend

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