Sunday, 1 August 2010

Birthday Time!!

This Saturday we celebrated my birthday!
It's not until Tuesday, but we agreed the weekend is the best time
We had planned on a romantic picnic, but it rained
Nevermind, we had a picnic inside!

I got woken up to this on my wall!

So sweet!

And Paul drew me this lovely chubby chihuahua picture!
Isn't he lovely?

I love chihuahua's, pugs and boston terriers
One day I hope to have all 3!

When we were having our picnic Paul put on a DVD and said it was a suprise........
Back to the Future Ride DVD!

I loved this ride in Universal studios. It was my 2nd favorite (Jaws 1st obviously!)
I was so sad when they replaced it, so this was so great to watch
Ahh, the music made me feel all emotional!

Later on we had frozen margaritas!

Yum yum

Watched a flim and relaxed on the couch with Sisco

Lovely, Lovely day!

Oh, I saw the new Little Mermaid line for Disney Couture and I'm inlove!!!
How amazing is this bangle???

Sharks and The Little Mermaid?

Possibly a late birthday present to myself?

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