Monday, 16 August 2010

♥♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥♥ Rock around the Clock ♥♥

This weeks etsy loves is inspired by the 1950's!
I adore so much about the 50's!
The colours, the patterns, the decor, the clothes, the diners, the cars, I could go on and on!
One day I hope to have my own little 50's style decorated house
Only boyfriend loves minimalist style,
If I had it my way every wall in the house would be painted pastels and the carpets would be polka dot!
Let's get started!!!

1. Dots Diner
wow wow wow!
A bubblegum, polka dot, candy coloured explosion!
This makes me happy just looking at it!

2. Collectable Spectacle
I think cat eye glasses are the prettiest!
These are pretty much perfect

3. Studio Stebbylee
Cute cat?
Big eyes?
A fancy little outfit?
what do you get?
This adorable little guy
Too cute

4. Buddy Raphael

Speechless.......This is the most perfect princess, fairytale dress!

If I had this dress I think I would wear it all the time

Popping to the corner shop?

Of course, I'm not overdressed!

5. Tea At Home With Olivia
How sweet is this little guy?
Adorable little bag

6. Lolas Room
This shop has some of the most sweetest and nostalgic prints!
I want them all!
Alot of them remind me of The Virgin Suicides

I hope you enjoyed this post!
It has been my favorite Etsy post!


Thank you for your comments!