Monday 2 August 2010

♥♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥♥ Under the Sea ♥♥


I decided that this Mondays Etsy picks are inspired by the sea.
I LOVE sharks and the sea!
Have done ever since I was little.
I remember buying a sealife book when I was about 8.
I would spend hours memorising all the names, fish, plants and try and spot them on the beach near where I lived.
And I love a good shark documentary!

Here are this weeks picks

1. Earth Song Designs
Wow...Just wow!
Whenever me and my little Sister were in the water we would pretend to be mermaids.
I've always loved anything mermaid related and The Little Mermaid was my favorite Disney film.
Oh....And 'Splash' with Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks. If you love mermaids you NEED to watch this film. It's amazing!

Ok, back to the post!
I would LOVE one of these
Earth Song Designs help you fulfill your childhood dreams by creating a custom made mermaid tail! I don't even need to say anymore, just check out the pictures!


2. Berkley Illustration

Berkley Illustration creates amazing artwork featuring animals looking fancy in suits
So good!
And of course I love the shark one!

But this pygmy marmoset makes me want to smooch his little face!!!

Check out the etsy page for lots more different animals!

3. Swesey

As soon as I saw this table I fell in love!
It's so beautiful and detailed

He burns illustrations into wood and the outcome is beautiful!
These two little guys are pretty cute too!

4. Posi Plush
Posi Plush creates adorable Amigurumi
These Jellyfish are so sweet!
I want them all!!!!
Such pretty candy colours!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks picks!
I'm looking forward to the week ahead as I'm going to some organising of all my crafty bits and bobs and create some new illustrations!

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