Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
It's SO freezing here!
I'm wearing lots of layers and drinking lots of tea
And Sisco is in full hibernation mode
I know cats sleep a lot, but she is one lazy lady!
Unless, you walk past her with food then she can't move fast enough
I'm excited about sharing my finds this week, as I think the 2nd one is great!

I love this so much!
109 cats in sweaters!
These are a few of my favourites

This is amazing!

Fancy lady!


I love this next one so much!
There is cat themed cafe in Virginia, U.S. called 'The Stray Cat Cafe'
They help support a cat and dog rescue that re homes lots of animals
And the place is full of cat paintings
But that's not it, check out some of the menu
How cute is Cast-a-dilas?!

This print is so cute!

I love this scarf

This is a clever DIY

How adorable are these notebooks?

Cuddle your kitties for me!


  1. So adorable Claire! That first kitty looks so comfortable in his sweater, he look just like my Luca. What a wonderful thing The Stray Cat Cafe is doing, I wish more establishments would care. It is like a spring day here, hope your weather gets better. Maybe you should get Sisco a sweater.


  2. Nothing better than a cat wearing clothes! Love the black cat in the fisherman's sweater! Beautiful site...

  3. Nothing better than a cat wearing clothes! I especially love the black cat wearing a fisherman's sweater! Beautiful site...

  4. love those cats in jumpers! and that cat print and the scarf. yumx

  5. Hahahahahaha! I love the cats in jumpers! The to[p guy is hilarious! I really like that pretty cat scarf too, lovely colour. :) x


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