Monday, 20 February 2012

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Happy Monday!
Hope your week is off to a good start!
Unfortunately I think I'm getting a cold :(
So that means drinking gallons of lemon water and putting cayenne pepper on everything!
Try it - it works!

Remember, you have until Wednesday to enter my double giveaway!

Ok, onto this weeks finds!
Oh etsy, why do you make me want to spend all my money?

1. The Secret Nest

I'm not really a bunny person, but how adorable is this?

2. Rose Petal Deer
This woodland tea towel is a work of art!
The colours are so dreamy
Love it!

3. Mysterious Cats
How sweet is this?
I don't know why, but I've always wanted to go in a side car

4. Be Me Jewellery
This bracelet is just beautiful

5. Pardes
I LOVE this!
This is definitely on my Spring wish list!

6. Nest Pretty Things Kids
This is so pretty!

7. Rainbow Sapphire
I'm so in love with this!
Rainbow Brite inspired jewellery for grown ups!

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  1. I've recently started collecting cute tea towels for my kitchen, and this might be one I'll have to add to my collection...

  2. #2 and #3 steal my heart!! They're great!!

  3. We have like the EXACT same taste in jewellery!! Oh and I drink warm lemon, garlic and honey when I'm sick. And sometimes warm lemon, honey and whiskey. Speaking of, I have a cold, off to the kitchen!!

    1. I've never tried drinking garlic! My nana ALWAYS said best thing for a cold was a sweet cup of tea with whiskey! Yum!

    2. The garlic is pretty gross, but I can be a crazy health freak sometimes, I'll try anything to beat a cold! Yeah I think the whiskey trick was from my great-grandparents, but it does help!

  4. I so love that rainbow bracelet!! I want it!!

  5. Hope you get better soon! Did you try to have some ginger, lemon, honey infusion? It helps as well!
    Thank you so much for featuring my biker dog pattern, also introducing me to some lovely finds!

    1. Thanks! I feel so much better today!
      I dosed up on lemon water with cayenne yesterday & it seems to have sorted me out :)


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