Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Strange little Sisco

Oh Sisco, you're not the most photogenic cat! haha
She's so cute whenever there's a box around
Straight away she jumps in, even if there's something in there

These are from last week when it was warm out
She's cheeky and sits in the landlords garden

Umm Sisco, why are you chewing a stick?
She did this for about 10 minutes
I've never know a cat chew a stick like a dog
Strange little girl!

But she's my baby!


  1. Today my cats made a nest in my husband's open sock drawer...And right now I'm getting headbutted while trying to type...qwfrnwefwkjg...Cats are CRAZY!!

  2. Sisco looks so cute. It looks lovely and green there, we had snow this morning again!

    hugs Sue

  3. aw sisco! so pretty. sadie adores boxes too. she has her special shoebox that she sleeps in.xx

  4. oh and meant to add - i got my brooch today! i love it so much!! will post about it as soon as i've taken a

  5. I think my cats would chew on sticks. They like bags and boxes as well :)


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