Monday 6 February 2012

A little post

Unfortunately, I've had to change my plans this week and I'm going to have to change the date I'm re-opening my etsy shop
Something always happens, huh?
But anyway, I'll be re-opening it this Saturday
Also, I was planning on doing one giveaway, but now I'm planning on 2!
So make sure you check back for that one!

I just want to post some Sisco photos, as I haven't done it in a while
She lies like this most of the time and she looks so cute!
I want to kiss that little nose!

She LOVES bags
If you put one down, she'll try and get in it
I don't know if you can see, but this bag has a box of cat food in it
Greedy girl!

Lots of snow still in out local woods
I always think snow makes them look almost magical, like something out of a fairytale

Have a good week!


  1. Replies
    1. ha ha!x (they are very similar in their cuteness)

  2. So glad to see some pics of Sisco, she is so adorable. Wow I cannot believe all the snow. Today was like spring here in Canada.



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