Thursday 23 February 2012

Giveaway Winners!

It's time to pick the giveaway winners!
I wrote down everyones name that entered and put them in a cup, closed my eyes and picked out 2!

First winner for the hedgehog is.....

And the winner of the brooch is......

Congrats to both & I'll be emailing you soon


  1. Congratulations ladies! I love that you drew the names from a cute mug rather than using the impersonal! Maybe I'll do that next time, it's so much sweeter.

    I think I may have stupidly forgotten to actually enter this giveaway in which case I only have myself to blame for not winning one of these adorable prizes!

  2. I came on over to check out the icecream brooch, and now have fallen in love with the hedgehog one too. Your so talented. I am hoping to learn some felting this year, so any inspiration is welcome.


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