Friday 21 September 2012

Friday Favourites

 Happy Friday!
Today has involved a lot of napping 
Which I feel bad about, as I had lots to do
But it can't be helped!
For a few weeks I've felt the beginning of a cold
But I've fought it away with a heavy dose of ginger and cayenne
But the little bugger finally beat me and I feel pretty crappy!
Last night was the worst
Wearing about 3 layers and hugging the radiator is not a good look!
So this weekend we're going to battle
I have my weapons
Ginger juice, cayenne pepper, lots of lemons and my pj's
Come at me cold, let's settle this once and for all!

It's freezing here, but the good thing about that is we get to see lots of this little one!
Black cats are so hard to photograph 
 And Sisco is so cute, the camera does not seem to keen on her
IRL she's 100 times cuter!
 Ok, onto this weeks finds!

Love this cup!
Oh, little one!
I'd love to give you a cuddle!
Love it!
I love this card!


  1. I strongly believe that one should never have to feel bad for taking naps!! That's what I tell myself... hehe. =)

    And oh my gosh. Is that a little owl? AHH so cute!!

  2. Hey Claire get well soon I heard that if you suck lots of sucky sweets your cold goes away good luck! My favourites are definitely sisco I love the name too! And the wrap battle lol


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