Monday 3 September 2012

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ This Weeks Loves ♥

Well, it looks like all my weather related positive thinking worked!
Because it's been boiling hot here today!
Ahh, crazy British weather!
The last month seems to have just flown by and I felt like I was rushing around all the time
So this week I'm looking forward to finally getting some sewing done!
I've started working on some cute little ghosts that I love so much!
I just want to fill the flat with them!

Onto this weeks loves!

1. Cart Before The Horse
I like these creepy little Day of the Dead dolls
I love the quirky folk art style of this shop
2. A Better Time
This is very sweet
3. Get To Know You Know 
I love this mouse pad
The little sleepy fox is my fave!
4. Belle and Boo 
This tape is adorable!
5. The Black Apple
Another amazing creation from this artist!
I really love the little cat, it'd make such a cute tattoo!
6. Two Girls Patterns 
Just adorable!
7. Wee Little Stitches 
Perfect boyfriend gift!
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