Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year!
We spent Christmas in Wales and it went so fast!
Sisco was in the same cattery as last year
It's part of a vets and the people there really seem to love animals
So I felt ok with it, although the first few days I felt a bit mean
As you can imagine we came back to London with a LOT of treats for her
It was lovely seeing family again, time seems to go fast
We really need to visit more this year
As my Mum is still on a lot of medication for her heart she was very sleepy a lot of the time Bless her
Hopefully after she gets the treatment in Feb things will get better for her - Fingers and toes crossed
It was lovely snuggling with mums chubby kitties 
Sisco isn't much of a snuggler and that's all my mums cat want to do
My sister visited and her whippets are as crazy as ever!
I've never really liked whippets that much, but the 2 boys are such little characters, you can't help but laugh at them
For some reason when you put a coat on them it's makes Snoopy (the smaller one) find Charlie irresistible!
A lot awkward humping went on!
For once I didn't really take any photos, which is not like me at all
I think it's because I wanted to just take everything in, instead of getting my camera out all the time

I've got a really good feeling about this year and I'm on a mission to make it the best one yet!
I hope your year is full of love, laughter, adventures, silly times, hugs, kisses and lots of luck!

Love Claire

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  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas with family Claire. I do hope you mum is better. I too feel this is going to be a fabulous year, 13 is my lucky number!

    Wishing you and your lovely family the Happiest, Healthiest and most blessed of the New Year.



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