Monday 14 January 2013

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Some of my Loves ♥

Happy Monday!
I'm happy to say we have snow!
Not much, but it looks very pretty
Sisco is usually fine with snow, but today she's been crazy!
Going in and out ALL DAY!
Running around outside, knocking things off inside and biting us!
Crazy little one

Here are my latest finds!

1. Wise Apple
This is so cute!
2. Matou en Peluche
This shop is adorable
I love this print
3.  That 70s Shoppe
I would love this van in real life size!
4. Welcome To The Doghouse
I love everything in this shop
5. Jac And Elsie
This retro style necklace is so sweet!
Perfect colours too
6. Wise Apple
Pastel heaven!!!
7. Cornstarch
I need this Pug in my life!!
Click on the pictures to visit the items


  1. What great finds. Thank you so much for featuring my little upcycled hairdresser necklace, Claire.

  2. Wow, super fun finds! I really want to snuggle with that pile of pugs!!

    Thanks for including a couple of my treasures among your awesome finds! :-)

  3. Helloo havent commented for a while..thanks for ur comments of late if i havnt replied on my blog its just cz im unorganised..nice to see your funky finds on my dashboard again hope u & sisco & co. r well x

    1. HI!
      I've been off blogging a bit too lately!
      Sisco says 'Meep' (Her version of meow-haha)


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