Sunday 6 January 2013

A Little Bit Raw

Tomorrow I've decided to eat a raw diet for about 3 days, or longer if I feel good
I've been vegan for about 5 years now, and usually eat pretty healthy
But with the weather being so bad I've been eating lots of comfort food and quite a bit of processed fake meats and things like that
Also, I got a really bad viral infection before Christmas and I had to take 2 lots of antibiotics!
I hate taking them, and haven't for a few years, but nothing was shifting the virus
So, that combined with not eating as much fresh food I been feeling a bit crappy
So, I'm going to be eating pure for the next few days
I know a lot of people have views on detoxing etc, but I'm just doing what works for me
In the Summer I was eating mostly raw 
Lots of juices and salads and I felt so good!

So, I'm just going to be having lots of things like:
Veggie and fruit juices
Raw soups
Courgette 'pasta' 
Green and herbal teas (Not raw I know, but c'mon it's freezing)

So hopefully by the end of it I'll be feeling more me 

Do you have any experience of a raw diet?


  1. would love to know how it goes! don't really have experience of raw diets... i love eating raw food but am not sure how long i'd be able to go just eating raw.... i know what you mean about the fake meats, i may have gone a bit overboard on them over christmas.


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